Machine Shop (Maintenance)
This division carries out valve refurbishment, motor re-winding along with general machining works. Other activities related to maintenance includes Repair Wellhead Equipment, Machining, Cleaning of Heat Exchanger Tubes, Thermal spraying & coating services, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning, Flange Facing (on Site Machining), Calibration of equipments, maintenance of Rotating Equipment, Tank cleaning & rehabilitation, Pipeline maintenance services. This division also does onsite maintenance works in Industrial, Petrochemical complexes, Refineries and Oil& Gas facilities.Main revenue area for this division will be Storage tank repair works, turnaround and shutdown works as well as long term contract for preventive and corrective maintenance.
    We have well established workshops in Sohar and Mabela to undertake any type of machining and repair works.
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  • Valve refurbishment & calibration
    We have the required resources and people to repair any type of valves including ESD and Control Valves

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    We have the facilities and systems to repair and rewind motors up to 500 KW rating.

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  • Supply of pre-owned machineries–with warranty
    We have established sources to locate reliable and trustworthy used equipment.

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    We have the necessary experience and expertise to provide metal coatings using various methods.

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  • Repair of hydraulic circuits of machineries & equipment
    We have trained technicians & engineers who can trouble shoot your hydraulic circuit problems & also provide re-engineering services
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